June 27th-28th, 2013 - Boy! It's a Beautiful Life

Visionary Dance Theatre , the Visionary Singers, the Visionary Musicians, and the core members of our Young Visionary Performing Arts Troupe present Boy! It's a Beautiful Life.

Bring the whole family for this great, new annual summer entertainment event. Boy! It's a Beautiful Life explores the ups and downs of life. We celebrate life and how wonderful it is to live, no matter how many obstacles come your way. We also celebrate the wonders of our diversity by touching on the many different cultures and races which make up the Visionary family! This pure entertainment piece is bound to have everyone tapping their feet and humming their favorite tune.

With music ranging from Pop, Rock, to Country…and everything else we felt told our story of the wonderful works and people who make up the Performing Arts at Visionary, we have varied collection of music from popular artists such as Pink, Madonna, Toby Keith, Dolly Parton, Cher, to Elvis Presley, all sung by the Visionary Singers. Featuring solo performances by Visionary Dance Theatre's Ramon Montes, Lead Singer/Actress Samantha Vesco, and 10 year old VSPA Dance/Theatre student Dylan Phan, the whole Visionary Family delivers a beautiful evening of song and dance.

Visionary's goal with this project is to open the stage to all of our artists at Visionary and to have fun putting together a show filled with the Love for Life and the Love for Dance, Music and Theatre. Boy! It's a Beautiful Life will tug at your heart. It will make you want to get up, dance, and shout about how wonderful life is. It will make you want to celebrate the wonder of our differences.

Come and see this first-time production as all the departments of the Visionary Family join forces to bring you a family-fun night of entertainment. This production is a collaboration of some of the great talent that Visionary has to offer, including our wonderful VDT Dancers who contribute as Choreographers and Directors.


May 10th, 2013 - Fragment Drift

Visionary Dance Theatre presents an evening of dance created by the diverse dancers of Visionary Dance Theatre . This choreography showcase will feature various choreographic works created by the company dancers.

Come down to the Visionary Performance Space and see some of your favorite Visionary Dance Theatre Dancers as they present a different aspect of their creativity in a warm and intimate setting.

April 26th- 27th 2013 - Seasons

Visionary Dance Theatre presents our spring dance concert titled “Seasons”. Join us as we close the season with an explosive mix of dance works by guest and resident choreographers Blythe Barton , Michael Mizerany , Khamla Somphanh , and Kyle & Gina Sorensen as well VDT Directors Spencer John Powell and Zaquia Salinas .

Blythe Barton sets a new work that portrays the challenges and rewards of relying on one another in a community and how one perceives themselves as part of a group.

Michael Mizerany presents “Tin Soldier” , which premiered at the 1994 Kaledoscope Dance Festival at California State University and Loyola Marymount University. This work garnered the 1994 Lester Horton Dance Award for Outstanding Individual Performance.

Residence and freelance choreographer Khamla Somphanh , whose dance style and body of work is well-received and heralded by the dance community and critics, presents a new work on the VDT dancers.

Kyle & Gina Sorensen (Artistic Directors of somebodies dance theater) present a dance about peeling off layers of clothes, skin, and meanings. “In a Skin of Sun” investigates vulnerability, the loss of identity, absence, and the metaphorical implications of a clothesline.

Artistic Director Spencer John Powell presents a work titled “Zeba” , a contemporary look at harvest time in ancient cultures. Assistant Artistic Director Zaquia Mahler Salinas presents “Proprioceptive Rhythm” , third place winner of the 2013 San Diego Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize. “Proprioceptive Rhythm” explores the transmission of musical vibration and quality through the physical body. The collision of explosive and subtle movement serves as the backbone of the work.

March 8th- 9th 2013 - In Five Words or Less

The professional company members from Visionary Dance Theatre , under the direction of Spencer Powell , will be presenting original works set on students from the Helix High School Dance Program . This is the first of many full evening-length collaborations!

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to see the impact that Visionary Dance Theatre has had on the community and local public school education. The dancers and choreographers have all been working incredibly hard to put together two exciting performances for you.

January 25th - 26th 2013 - Once Again

Visionary Dance Theatre presents “Once Again”, an in-studio dance concert. Come down to the Visionary Home and see some of your Visionary Dance Theatre favorites. Enjoy the talented and diverse Visionary dancers as they perform in a warm and intimate setting.

In this concert you'll get to see past Visionary works and/or historical personal works from choreographers Spencer John Powell (Artistic Director), Zaquia Mahler Salinas (Assistant Artistic Director), Stephanie Smith (company dancer and featured choreographer in August 2012's Choreographers Showcase), Khamla Somphanh (in-residence choreographer), and Jeanne Travers (international choreographer). Additionally, Lavina Rich , also a featured choreographer in August 2012's Choreographers Showcase, sets a new piece on the Visionary dancers.

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