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This October 2013, witness the power of dance at the first annual Choreographers Symposium, brought to you by Dark Horse Dance Productions and Mounarath-Powell Productions. The Choreographers Symposium will be a major, month-long Dance event hosted at the new White Box Theater(2590 Truxtun Road , Studio 205, San Diego , CA 92106).

The mission of the Choreographers Symposium is to create a coming-together of the dance community near and far. It aims to create work, perform and discuss this wonderful thing that we all have in common… Dance! This new and exciting event will be filled with master classes, workshops, dance discussions and performances. The Choreographers Symposium will feature Choreographers and Dance Companies such as the likes of Axiomm Dance Collective, Collective Dance Collective, Darkhorse Dance Productions, Donna Sternberg & Dancers, Martin Anthony Dorado, Caitlin Rose Franco, KO Dance Company, Mojalet, Ramon Montes, Opus Mixtus Dance, Lavina Rich, Stephanie Smith, [the] movement initiative, Jeanne Travers and many more!

We recognize the importance of Education . Without Education, most of these artists would not be able to offer their art. The first week of the Choreographers Symposium is called Education Week . It will be dedicated to education-based individuals and organizations(schools, dance studios, etc) such as Helix High School, Steel Canyon High School, El Capitan High School, San Diego Danceworks, Step It Up Studios, Juan Hernandez of Juan-2-3 Salsa, Barbara Rinaldo of San Diego Danceworks, Kurt Popp of Diversity Dance Sport, and Aaron Palmer. Education-based individuals and organizations have of the option of presenting work in the latter weeks; however Education Week will only be comprised of these education-based individuals and organizations.

Come experience the maiden voyage of this great month-long event and what promises to be a successful and ongoing annual event…Dark Horse Dance Productions and Mounarath-Powell Productions presents the first annual Choreographers Symposium.

If you are a choreographer, dance company/organization, school, and/or studio that would like to participate in this event(master classes, workshops, dance discussions, and/or performances), please click HERE for more information.

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For classes, you must purchase one ticket per person, especially if it is a partnering, ballroom, or social dance class.


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Week A - Education Week

Thursday(October 3, 2013) - 8pm Event
Saturday(October 5, 2013) - 6pm Event - Cancelled

Week B

Friday(October 11, 2013) - 8pm Event
Saturday(October 12, 2013) - 1pm Event
Saturday(October 12, 2013) - 6pm Event
Saturday(October 12, 2013) - 8pm Event

Week C

Wednesday(October 16, 2013) - 8pm Event
Thursday(October 17, 2013) - 6pm Event
Thursday(October 17, 2013) - 8pm Event
Friday(October 18, 2013) - 6:30pm Event
Friday(October 18, 2013) - 8pm Event
Saturday(October 19, 2013) - 1pm Event
Saturday(October 19, 2013) - 6pm Event
Saturday(October 19, 2013) - 8pm Event
Sunday(October 20, 2013) - 1pm Event

Week D

Wednesday(October 23, 2013) - 6pm Event - Cancelled
Wednesday(October 23, 2013) - 8pm Event
Friday(October 25, 2013) - 6pm Event
Friday(October 25, 2013) - 8pm Event
Saturday(October 26, 2013) - 6pm Event
Saturday(October 26, 2013) - 8pm Event
Sunday(October 27, 2013) - 1pm Event
Sunday(October 27, 2013) - 6pm Event



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Calendar of Events

(All events subject to change)

Week A - Education Week

  • Thursday(10/3)
    • 8pm - Performance Event
      • (coordinated/organized by Katie O'Rourke)
      • El Capitan High School
      • Helix High School
      • Steel Canyon High School
  • Friday(10/4)
  • Saturday(10/5)
    • 6pm - Performance Event
      • San Diego Danceworks
      • Step It Up Studios

Week B

  • Thursday(10/10)
  • Friday(10/11)
    • 6:30pm
      • Choreographers Symposium Gala (**FREE Admission)
        • This FREE, one-night, ground-breaking affair will be held at the White Box. The Gala offers to everyone the opportunity to enjoy and mingle with the Choregraphers Symposium artist participants over light refreshments and appetizers.
        • Hear about the Choreographers Symposium from the producers, Dark Horse Dance Productions and Mounarath-Powell Productions, as well as, from some of the artists themselves! Get a sneak peek into what they have in store for the rest of the month as they speak about their various upcoming performances, workshops, classes, and discussions being held throughout the month of October at the White Box.
        • Want a chance to be part of the gala festivities and performance fun? “Dancing with the Artists”, is a chance for the audience to perform. Audience members may volunteer to pair up with one of the artist participants from the Choreographers Symposium to quickly learn and then perform a short duet .The best performance, will be decided by the loudest applause, and will receive a prize! Not up to get down? Enjoy other festivities like entering the gala raffle to have a chance to win some awesome stuff!
        • Come take part in this fun and FREE celebration!
    • 8pm - Performance Event
  • Saturday(10/12)
    • 1pm - Class Event
      • Instructor: [the] movement initiative
      • Description:
        • POP ACTION! The art of flying, falling and taking impact.
        • Pop Action is the movement technique originated by modern dance daredevil Elizabeth Streb. Come explore a new way of moving with former STREB dancers and NYC transplants Ami Ipapo and Caryn Glass as they lead you through the basics of flying, falling and safely taking impact. This 1.5 hour workshop will include basic Pop Action-inspired technique and fun choreographic opportunities! All levels welcome and mats are provided. For more information visit
    • 6pm - Performance Event

Week C

  • Wednesday(10/16)
    • 8pm - Demonstration/Discussion Event
      • Instructor: Kurt Popp of Diversity Dance Sport
      • Description: Ballroom and latin dance is special in the sense that it is meant to connect people with each other. Therefore, it works with fundamentally different principles than any form of stage dance. This symposium is designed to compare the principle movements and rules of the two in theory and practice.
  • Thursday(10/17)
    • 8pm - Class Event
      • Instructor: Aaron Palmer
      • Description:
        • Burlesque is an "X-rated" Vaudville music, dance, and theater...the highlight was the strip tease. In the golden days of Burlesque, the strip tease was a "tease" with minimal clothing removed. Now, in the present, the "tease" has become more risque and more if not all clothing is removed.
        • In the class, Burlesque the art of the tease, participants will learn a brief history and see a "classy" demo. The participant will learn a simple combination that can be used at home with that significant other and learn ways to make any homemaking task sexy and artful, mainly to help achieve self-sexiness and body-awareness as a tease artist.
        • Welcome to the world of burlesque, the Art of the Tease.
  • Friday(10/18)
  • Saturday(10/19)
    • 1pm - Class Event
      • Instructor: Kurt Popp of Diversity Dance Sport
      • Description: Here we will learn to dance Waltz and Tango - two of the most "specific" dances representing the ballroom (or standard) category.
      6pm - Performance Event
  • Sunday(10/20)
    • 1pm - Performance/Discussion Event
      • Wheelchair Dancers Organization
      • We will be presenting a dance showcase. At Wheelchair Dancers we cover many dance stlyes. We will be presenting Tango, Salsa, Foxtrot, a group Tango and Bachata. We will perform an interpretive dance and a lively hip-hop. We have different levels of ability which is only limited by the physical ability of the individual dancer. You will see couples who are both in wheelchairs, wheelchair and walker couples, and group dances. After our dance presentations, we will discuss with the audience what, why and how we do what we do. We will also do a brief description of the conditions that put the dancers in their chairs and the benefits that dancing brings to the dancer. We will open up a Q&A to answer questions and hear comments.

Week D

  • Wednesday(10/23)
    • 6pm - Class Event - Cancelled
      • Instructor: Elyssa Rosenberg of isadoraNOW Foundation
      • Description: This Isadora Duncan Master Class will give dancers the unique opportunity to gain an embodied understanding of dance history and experience the dance form upon which modern dance was built. The class integrates the fundamentals of modern dance with Isadora Duncan’s unique principles and theories as well as her original choreography from a century ago. Exploring the essentials that make dance modern, the master class opens with floor exercises designed to help the dancer initiate movement from the solar plexus, then moves onto Isadora’s original barre work, followed by an introduction to her across-the-floor movement. Dancers will then have the unique opportunity to learn one of Isadora’s original dances.
    • 8pm - Class Event
      • Instructor: Kurt Popp of Diversity Dance Sport
      • Description: In this class we'll explore the Cha Cha, one of the most typical Latin dances, and its current style. We'll also explore the Rumba (The King of the Latin dances) or the Jive (a fast version of the Swing).
  • Friday(10/25)
  • Saturday(10/26)
  • Sunday(10/27)
    • 1pm - Class Event
      • Instructor: Donna Sternberg
      • Description: Donna Sternberg's movement style is an amalgam of many different influences ranging from Donald Byrd, Mary Jane Eisenberg and Twyla Tharp to ballet. The class will include a warm-up focusing on the articulation of the body as well as the use of weight. The class will progress to movement combinations continuing the exploration of weight and adding elements of speed and dynamics. We will conclude the class with improvisational exercises to open up new ways of approaching movement - discovering and challenging your own habitual movement patterns.
    • 6pm - Performance Event(Same performance as 10/26 @ 6pm)


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